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The Collective is proud to be made up of awesome organisations designed to help you through this year’s elections. Check them out!

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VVC’s very own political matchmaker. Swipe and find a date for this year’s election.

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Get enrolled and get excited. Give a t**k this election and have your voice heard!

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Take local action on issues you care about for visible change.

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Got an arty eye? Participate and conversate on social issues through design.

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Unsure who to vote for? Answer this fun & visual questionnaire to get an idea.

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SpeakOut at events near you to have your voice heard by local politicians.


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Make a stand for civics education and work with engaged young people pushing for change



Keep up with the politics without the jargon. News written for young people, by young people.

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Pop-up barber shop, delivering cutz and political banter.

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About us 

The Virgin Voter Collective is a non-partisan, nationwide, umbrella effort to connect the many individual campaigns aiming to increase young voter participation in New Zealand. Most 18-24 year olds will never have voted before and in the last election, although the decline in youth voter turnout was reversed, almost half of eligible young people didn’t turn up. The Virgin Voter Collective began in 2014, and is made possible to continue by a passionate team of people united in their belief that youth can be active contributors to the outcome of this year’s election.


Join the conversation #virginvoter17

Tell the world why your vote counts.

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