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The VVC is made up of awesome organisations who are here to help you make it through this years election. Check them out!

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Get involved and take action on the issues you care about.

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Ask a politician a question and see what they are saying.

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Who do I vote for? Find your match with Candidate.

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Increasing participation and conversation on social issues through design.

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Feeling underrepresented? Be heard with SpeakOut.

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Unsure who to vote for? Answer this fun & visual questionnaire to get an idea.

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Get enrolled and get excited. Give a t**k this election.

About us 

The Virgin Voter Collective is a non-partisan, nationwide, umbrella effort to connect the many individual campaigns aiming to reverse the decline of young voter participation in New Zealand. Most 18-24 year olds will never have voted before and in the last election almost 60% them didn’t turn up. The Virgin Voter Collective is enabled with the support of ‘The Shoulder Tap 100’ – a group of changemakers brought together in 2014 to work on major initiatives to make New Zealand a better place.  


The Virgin Voter Collective Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are backing the VVC and want you to get out there and vote!

Guy Williams


Guy Williams

Comedian, broadcaster and TV personality.

Rose Matafeo


Rose Matafeo

Comedian and TV personality.

Tim Batt


Tim Batt 

Comedian and broadcaster.

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Lorde isn’t old enough to vote. She needs your help.

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